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At NEWDIAL LIMITED we help companies of all sizes access opportunities in markets all over the globe by offering a tailored approach with a range of Balkan language translation services and professional video and audio production to give your voice and to support your communication strategy.

Our services

Video production

Video can be used to entertain, to communicate a message, to inform an audience and inspire action. It’s a window into a company, a brand, an idea or a lifestyle. We can devise and create from scratch or we can work in partnership with you and your team to realise your vision and reflect your brand.Video is accessible everywhere, it’s immediate and it’s engaging. It fuels our social media and supercharges SEO.

Audio production

People consume and interact with information in a variety of different ways in today’s digital age. Whether it’s accessing the internet on their smartphone, tablet or PC to watch videos, interact with social media, read the news and other text-based content, they expect to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and ideally in their own language. Therefore, for companies with global ambitions, delivering high-quality and consistent content across multiple languages and platforms is a must if they want to engage with a modern global audience.


We assist companies by offering a specifically tailored interpreting service so that you can communicate across with Balkan countries. We help improve the communication strategies of our clients so that their message can be understood. Our interpreting services cover consecutive, simultaneous and whispered styles and include: Face to Face Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) and Telephone, Skype Interpreting.


We offer an accurate and professional proofreading service to match your company’s needs. Provide us with the original document and the translated version and we provide a high quality and detailed proofreading service for you. Proofreading will always be carried out by a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, checking the translated document against the source file for accuracy, spelling, integrity, grammar, tone and content coherence. This service offers you or your client additional peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that a second qualified translator has reviewed the translation.


Your translation will be carried out by an experienced linguist who is a native speaker of your target language and includes professional editing and complete quality assurance. After the translation, we also include the opportunity to revise the file within 30 days of receipt of the document.

Our clients


NewDial ltd. is always open to new clients and partners. if you have any enquieries please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.
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